Thursday 12 October 2017

Saint Fiacc of Sletty and Saint Patrick's Gift

Saint Fiacc of Sletty had a bad leg. Saint Patrick heard of it, and sent him a chariot and a pair of horses, to enable him to get about. This aroused the jealousy of Sechnall (Secundinus), another of his missionaries, and he scolded Patrick soundly as giving way to partiality. But after he became cool, Sechnall repented; he had intercepted the present, and he sent it to Mancen, and begged him to forward it to Fiacc. This Mancen did, with an apology; but Fiacc, too charitable to receive a gift that had caused heart-burnings, restored chariot and horses to Patrick, and refused to use them.

Rev. S. Baring-Gould, 'Cornish Dedications of Saints, Part IV' in Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, Volume 15 (1901-02), 51.

Note: October 12 is the feast day of Saint Fiacc of Sletty, one of the early Irish converts. You can read a post on his life at my other site here.

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