Monday 12 June 2017

Saint Colum Cille's Angelic Gifts

In Irish tradition Saint Colum Cille had quite a reputation for prophecy, and in today's vignette we see that this was a gift bestowed on him directly by God:


 The Angel appeared again on another day and said: “Beg of God to grant you the three gifts that please you most, and He will give them to you.” “That is good news,” answered Columcille, “and I choose Virginity and Wisdom.” “You made a good choice,” said the Angel; “and you will get in addition to these the gift of Prophecy.” 

No sooner had the Angel left him than there came three most beautiful maidens, and showed by their manner a desire to speak to him. Columcille retired a little to let them pass, for he did not know them. But presently he summoned up courage and addressed them respectfully, asking them who they were. “We are three sisters,” said they, “and the companions offered to you by our father.” “And who is your father?” inquired Columcille. “The Saviour of the World,” said they. “And what are your names?” asked Columcille. “Our names are "Virginity, Wisdom and Prophecy, and we shall be with you always.” They then disappeared from his sight.

 From that day forward Chastity and Wisdom shone in all his words and actions, and God bestowed upon him the gift of Prophecy to foretell future events.

The Life of Saint Columcille in In Irish and English by a Redemptorist Father (Dublin, 1907). 

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