Friday 3 February 2017

An Angel Warns Saint Brigid of Danger

Continuing the octave of posts in honour of Saint Brigid with another vignette drawn from her hagiography:

Having selected the site which was to be the scene of her labours for the remaining years of her life, St. Brigid paid a visit to the house of her father. Her mother had died during the saint's long absence in other parts of Ireland. She remained only one night under the parental roof, and an account is given of a dream she had while she was there and of its result.

For it appears that during her sleep an angel appeared to her and warned her of a terrible disaster which threatened the lives of those near and dear to her by ties of blood. Thus spoke the angel: "Arise immediately and arouse your father with his whole family and your religious daughters, now sleeping, for with an intention of murdering your father and his household an enemy approaches. But the Lord will prevent such intention on your account. Depart instantly from this house, for the foe will set it on fire."

The saint obeyed the order and warned the inmates and they all fled from the house in time to save their lives. They had only gone a short distance when they beheld with sorrow, their home devoured by fire, which the hands of their enemies had kindled. Dubhtach cried out to his daughter: "O holy Brigid, thy blessing has preserved us this night from impending death. We are now conscious of all those wonderful things predicted concerning thee." St. Brigid answering said "Not only this night, but so long as you live, blood shall not be shed within your dwelling."

Saint Patrick and the Saints of Ireland from authoritative sources (London, John Ouseley Ltd, 1908-1909), 58-59.  

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