Friday 30 March 2012

Vignettes from the Lives of the Irish Saints: Saint Kevin's Vision of Saint Patrick

On a certain night, it is related, that St. Kevin and his monks were engaged singing a hymn to St. Patrick. Suddenly, the holy Abbot remained in a silent ecstasy, and then ordered his brethren to sing the hymn three different times. When the monks enquired, why they should sing it so often, the Abbot said: "Our holy Patron Patrick, whose hymn you have sung, stood on the pavement leaning on his staff, and he blessed us, when we ceased our singing." We are then told, that this was St. Patrick, the Archbishop, who had converted Ireland from the errors of paganism to the true Faith; who, many years before, had departed happily; and it is stated, that the efficacy of this hymn was to be found related in his Life. On the night following such occurrence, St. Kevin walked over the Lake with dry feet, from that place where he had sung the hymn of St. Patrick, with his monks, and he came to that spot, where his city afterwards stood....

Rev. John O'Hanlon, Lives of the Irish Saints, Volume VI, (Dublin, n.d.), 51-52.

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  1. I love saint Kevin very much and I hope to visit Glendalough sometime.

    1. I went many years ago to Glendalough, it is a wonderful site. I think you will like the post I have planned for St Kevin's Day at my other blog, not too long to go now!

    2. Ireland is a wonderful place for pilgrimage. Last year I had the blessing to visit England (I went there for pilgrimage) and there I visited Heysham (a little village near Lancaster) where you can see one ancient ruined chapel which was dedicated to saint Patrick. I also had the blessing to have a view of the Irish sea from that place. Well, if it is God's will I may visit Ireland some day. I will surely check your post about saint Kevin.