Tuesday, 31 January 2012

First Vespers for the Feast of Saint Brigid

Below is the text and translation of an antiphon at First Vespers from the 15th-century Sarum-rite office for the Feast of Saint Brigid. It is track 30 on the recording 'Flame of Ireland - Medieval Irish Plainchant: An Office for St. Brigit' by Canty and has been reproduced from the sleevenotes which accompany the CD. The Office survives in a number of manuscript sources and reflects the standard Sarum Rite usage introduced by the Anglo-Normans. The antiphon refers to one of the miracles often recorded in later medieval notices of Saint Brigid's feast - the dead wood that was restored to life at her touch.

Antiphona: Deo carnis dedidit

Deo carnis dedidit
Brigida candorem
relativum reddidit
benignus honorem
sic cum lignum niveum
designans pudorem
ad tactum virgineum
resumpsit virorem

Brigit devoted to God
The purity of her body
And in His loving kindness
He gave her honour in proportion due.
As when the dried out wood,
In token of her modesty,
At her virgin touch
Resumed its green freshness.

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