Friday, 8 June 2012

A Hymn for the Feast of Saint Colum Cille

Let us joyfully celebrate the great feast of Columba, happy in this night season, with musical prayer.

He was born of royal stock; pure was his childhood; he despised earthly glory, desiring only the things of heaven.

He had worked great marvels, had cured all diseases, had foretold the future, had given life to the dead;

he had assuaged enemies and wars, had seen the citizens of heaven; the good that he had spoken in words, he fulfilled in himself by deeds.

He had been head over all the people of the Isles; for seven years he had been king, he had dispensed both laws, he had stood as both king and teacher.

Accept our prayers, father Columba, most holy of monks; protect and guide us in the way of peace.

A. Macquarrie, The Offices for St Columba (9 June) and St Adomnán (23 September) in the Aberdeen Breviary in The Innes Review, Vol. 51, no.1, (Spring 2000), 1-39. 

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