Tuesday, 5 February 2013

From the Metrical Life of Saint Brigit

The fourth hymn pays tribute to Saint Brigid's single-minded Christian devotion: 


"Brigit, Saint of highest fame,
For Christ the world despised;
Like bird on high she sat and sang,
And only virtue prized.

“Her only thought was heaven and God,
Her only thought was pure;
She sought bright mansions in the skies,
And life for aye secure.

“And in her waking and her sleep,
She pined for Christ, her love;
And for His Passion grieved alone,
With cry like captive dove.

"O Brigit! near to Christ my Lord,
Of earthly souls the best,
Pray still for me that I may come
To His eternal rest." *

*Metrical Lives of the Irish Saints, which run to very great length, may be found in Colgan's Trias Thaumaturgus where the originals of these Hymns may be seen. For full particulars of the Lives of St. Patrick, St. Brigit, and St. Columba, we must refer the reader to our large illustrated Lives of these Saints, published by Mr. Murdock, 41 Castle Street, Holborn, London; also, to our new and enlarged illustrated History of the Irish Nation, by the same publisher, which contains a full account, with facsimiles of all the early Celtic Manuscripts, both historical and religious.

Sister Mary Francis Clare, Cloister Songs and Hymns for Children (London and Dublin, 1881), 42.

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