Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Collect for Saint Columba

To mark the octave day of the feast of Saint Colum Cille and to conclude the series of posts in his honour, below is a beautiful collect taken from the Mass for his feast day:

Breathe into our hearts, we entreat you, Lord, a longing for heavenly glory: and grant that we may bear in our hands sheaves of justice thither, where the holy abbot Columba shines with you. Through Our Lord.

Dom Gaspar Lefebvre, O.S.B., Saint Andrew Sunday Missal (Bruges, 1957), 856.

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  1. Dear Marcella,

    Take a look at the comments on:

    Some blessings flowing from your ceaseless good work.

    God bless,


    1. Thanks very much, Thomas, I appreciate all the support from my friends at St Conleth's Catholic Heritage.


  2. Dear Marcella
    I send to you the poem I wrote for Saint Columba. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes.

    So dark was Iona inside the darkness of the Pagan faith, until a man came dressed in white bringing with him a strong flame.
    His name was Columba, he’s heart was bright like the wings of a dove, for him I want to find one green and lovely grove.
    A place where he can pray alone with the angels of the Lord, a little cell where he can write beautiful hymns and poems to bring hope in to our little sad world.
    Protector of the shepherds, protector of the sheep, only with he’s sweet voice he could calm the wildest beast.
    He warmed the hearts of the people with Jesus Christ’s flame and he vanished from the land the Druids evil bane.
    Under the sun and under the moonlight, I like to whisper he’s prayers because they bring joy into my life.
    Dear Saint Columba, the Ireland's fruitful tree, pray to the Lord for us and from our demons set us free.

  3. Hi! I love the Saints of Ireland & British Isles!!!!